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15000+ Hotels and Resorts

ASIA Locator is offering you the biggest choice of accommodations, may you look out for a Bed & Breakfast or the 5 Star+ luxury resort of your dreams. Some more clicks and you have booked your hideaway directly out of ASIA Locator. And even in case of an up-country trip we will help you to find the accommodation of your choice and call them up directly.

16000+ Restaurants and Bars

Wondering what to have for lunch or dinner? Inspire your taste buds by flicking through our extensive selection of restaurants and bars. Filter your search by cuisine, or simply whittle down your options to those closest to your current location. Once you have made your choice, guarantee your table by using ASIA Locator Thailand to contact the eatery immediately to secure your reservation.

free Offline Navigation

No internet and still don’t want to get lost? ASIA Locator Thailand has the perfect solution for you “Susi”. Once you downloaded our APP and switch on the GPS function of your device “Susi” will guide you to your target destination in Thailand. We are proud to offer the largest of “POI”s (points of interest) and most of our listed entries come with their geo- locations can be found easily. Once downloaded, you will avoid any kind of roaming or internet cost by using ASIA Locator – just let your device and ASIA Locator work for your pleasure!

Sightseeing spots all around Thailand

Hidden treasure or famous sightseeing spot, you will find them all in ASIA Locator Attractions section. You will find more than 1450 places worth a visit in Thailand, some are famous some are off the beaten track. And, don’t forget, even there is no Internet connection ASIA Locator is working and helping you to find the way to and from your target destination.

Shopping Malls, Markets and Cinemas

Shopping is part of your Holiday, you might like it or not. And ASIA Locator Thailand makes it easy for you to find the dedicated Mall or market of your choice. Looking out for a bargain? You might find it easier by using ASIA Locator! Also joining Thai’s by their favourite hobby – Cinema – can be fun! Check out our listings and find the Cinema around you.


You are combining Holidays with a general check up or just want to get your teeth whitened? Check out ASIA Locator’s Health care section and find the Hospital, Dentist, Wellness and Spa of your trust and choice easily. And as Thailand is famous also for enhancing your beauty, you might also find the Beauty clinic you have been looking for!

Beauty and Spa

Your skin will get smooth as silk, your energy recharged and your mind will reach the peak of relaxation if you bless yourself in one of Thailand’s wellness temples. Buddhist seems to carry their inner peace in them self and in one of their Spa’s they will let you share that balance with them. An experience you should not miss! and will be found easily with ASIA Locator.

Sports & Golf courses

We are proud of the most comprehensive Thailand Golf course listing an ASIA Locator APP ever offered and additionally all courses will be found easily by using our offline Satnav function! We have listed them in geographic sections to make it easy for you to find the Golf course of your choice – wherever you travel in Thailand with ASIA Locator Thailand.

Airline Offices

Most of airlines have an office at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Beside of that, you will find a huge choice of Airlines, who are having their main office in the country’s capitol. For booking, ticketing, changing of your itinerary – check out your Airline’s office in town!

Embassies & Immigration

Even hoping you will never need them, here is your country’s embassy. Find address, contact details (if provided) and the GPS location of your embassy.
If you want to extend your stay, Visa or you have any other reason to go to the nearest Immigration office – here is a complete listing of offices in your area. To get there, just use our offline Satnav function!


This country is rich and proud of their history and they got reasons for it! The display of all kind of valuable information you will find in our Museum’s listing. And you find out easy how to get there by using your device’s GPS!


You won’t believe it – but we offer you a choice of close to 500 Temples within this great Nation. Wherever you are, just check out our Temple’s listing and find them by using our Satnav at zero Internet fees.

Car rental

Book your cheapest rental car online here or contact on of the listed Limousine services here.


Visiting one of the listed Attractions around Thailand never bores you. Wherever you travel, if in one of the Top Destinations or off the beaten track – you will find the highlight of the area here. More than 1450 of them for you to chose from!


Here we display some of the popular phrases to make your journey a bit easier. You might get some extra fun to try them out, pronouncing Thai language can be a sort of challenge you should not miss!


Kayaking or diving, travelling on a tour bus or in an exclusive limousine – pick one of the endless number of Tours to this country’s famous or hidden gems. A great number of Tours you will find in our listing


Thais grow up enjoying every day and they celebrate a big number of Festivals during the year. You should not miss to join them and get an awesome experience. The most popular Festivals are found here in “ASIA Locator”.

Thailand A-Z

A listing you should probably study before you start travelling. As Thai’s have their very own mentality there is a Do and Don’t to take care on if you want to join these great people on any occasion. Also learn about their favorite Sport’s and hobbies here

and more

Flick through our “ASIA Locator” Travel Guide to find answers to your questions. It is hard to list all of the features of “ASIA Locator” as they are growing daily and we still strive to give you more of unique tips to enjoy your stay in Thailand.
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